Planned Work
Every night from 10 PM to 5 AM and all day Saturday and Sunday
[L] 1 Av and 3 Av in Manhattan - board/exit all trains at the Brooklyn-bound platform

Planned Work
Jul 16 - 19, Tue to Fri, from 11:30 PM to 5 AM
Jul 22 - 26 • Jul 29 - Aug 2, Mon to Fri, from 11:30 PM to 5 AM
[L] Service between Broadway Junction and Lorimer St in Brooklyn is replaced by free shuttle buses

[L] trains run, every 20 minutes, in two sections:
1. Between Rockaway Pkwy and Broadway Junction in Brooklyn
2. Between Lorimer St, Brooklyn and 8 Av, Manhattan

[SB] Buses make all stops between Broadway Junction and Lorimer St.

[M] service runs until 1:30 AM between Metropolitan Av and Manhattan, connecting with the [L] at 6 Av (14 St), Williamsburg Link B91A buses at Marcy Av, and shuttle buses at Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs.

The Williamsburg Link B91A bus connects the Bedford Av [L] station with the [J] [M] at Marcy Av.

• For service between Brooklyn and Manhattan consider the [A] or [J]. Transfer between trains and [SB] buses at Broadway Junction.

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[ad] This service change affects one or more ADA stations.