PLANNED WORK  Posted: 05/16/2021  2:47PM

May 15 - 16, Sat 4 AM to Sun 10:15 PM
[S] Rockaway Park Shuttle is replaced by the [A] train and free shuttle buses

[SB] Buses make stops between Beach 67 St [A] and Beach 116 St.

For Broad Channel, take the [A].

• Transfer between [A] trains and [SB] buses at Beach 67 St.

Shuttle Bus Stops

Reminder: No subway/shuttle bus service overnight between 2 AM and 4 AM.

[ad] This service change affects one or more ADA accessible stations and these travel alternatives may not be fully accessible. Please contact 511 to plan your trip.

WEEKEND SERVICE  Posted: 05/16/2021  6:21AM

[FS] trains run between Franklin Av and Prospect Park.

WEEKEND SERVICE  Posted: 05/16/2021  3:53AM

[S] trains run between Times Sq-42 St and Grand Central-42 St.

Trains run between 6:00 AM and 12:00 AM Daily.

The [S] does not operate late nights, take [7] service instead.

WEEKEND SERVICE  Posted: 05/16/2021  3:52AM

There is no scheduled [H] service.